[mythtv] AC3/DTS passthru, does anyone see a use for these?

Tj NG htpc at treblid.dyndns.org
Mon Dec 12 11:06:00 EST 2005

Doug Larrick wrote:

>I definitely use AC3 passthru.  AFAIK it's the only way to get
>multichannel (>2 channel) audio out of MythTV.  I have no source of DTS
>audio so couldn't test the patch.
I also uses AC3 passthru..

After applying patch in #730, I can only hear the MP3 track. I don't 
have any channels with DTS to test the DTS part..
Is this meant for Internal playback of DVD or for TV viewing?

attached log below. If you need more info, pls tell..

Do I just apply your patch, or apply both? I only tried the fomer.

2005-12-13 00:01:20.853 Video sync method can't support double framerate 
(refresh rate too low for bob deint)
2005-12-13 00:01:20.853 AFD: Opened codec 0xa7b97200, id(MPEG2VIDEO) 
2005-12-13 00:01:20.871 AFD: Opened codec 0xa7b95a50, id(MP3) type(Audio)
2005-12-13 00:01:20.871 AFD: Audio Track #1 is A/V stream #1 and has 0 
channels in the English language(6647399).
2005-12-13 00:01:20.873 AFD: Initializing video at 720x576 pixels.
2005-12-13 00:01:21.538 AFD: Selected track 1: English MP2 2ch (A/V 
Stream #1)
2005-12-13 00:01:21.538 AFD: Initializing audio parms from audio track #1
2005-12-13 00:01:21.538 AFD: Audio format changed
            from id(NONE)    -1Hz -1ch  16bps    ; id(NONE)    -1Hz 
-1ch  16bps  
            to   id( MP3) 48000Hz  2ch  16bps    ; id( MP3) 48000Hz  
2ch  16bps  
2005-12-13 00:01:21.540 Opening audio device 'default'.
2005-12-13 00:01:21.597 NVP: Enabling Audio
2005-12-13 00:01:24.333 AFD: Audio stream type not changed.
2005-12-13 00:01:25.574 AFD: Audio stream type not changed.

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