[mythtv] how is the aspect ratio set in mythtv?

Tim Flechtner timf at trdlnk.com
Mon Dec 12 09:49:45 EST 2005

thanks!!  i will give it a shot.  i would have thought my x window would 
have also been screwy if this was the case, but i certainly didn't 
search on 'DisplaySize'.  i'll take a look.


Steve Davies wrote:

>On 12/11/05, Timothy Flechtner <timf at trdlnk.com> wrote:
>>  i have a redhat fedora core 3 box, which i recently updated (via yum)
>>to the latest and greatest versions of everything.  this, in retrospect
>>was maybe not so bright an idea, as now myth believes it is displaying
>>things at 4:3 when in reality, it is not.  the display takes all of my
>>widescreen tv now (when in 4:3 mode).  prior to my updating all
>>packages, it did not (4:3 actually was 4:3).  mythtv does this when
>>showing live tv, playing things recorded from tv (which were recorded
>>prior to the update, and showed in 4:3 prior to the update), and when
>>playing videos.  i use xine for videos, and when i run xine outside of
>>myth, it correctly shows things in 4:3 when set to do so.
>IIRC, and assuming I understand what you are saying, "DisplaySize" is
>an X configuration parameter which specifies screen width and height
>in mm. Searching the list archives for more info on this should help.
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