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Micah F. Galizia mfgalizi at uwo.ca
Mon Dec 12 08:10:09 EST 2005

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Dan Pou wrote:
> I have been experimenting with XvMC optimizations in myth to get HDTV
> (pchdtv 3000) working with mixed results.
> I am not so interested in higher speed cpu solutions because the goal
> is a quiet (flash drive and fanless) frontend.

As I recall, 1200MHz and a Unichrome Pro graphics are the absolute
minimum.  This is probably a better question for the openChrome mailing

> Server:
> Athlon-xp mobile 1.66 Ghz w/ g-force mmx 440 mx 7676 nvidia binary
> driver, I get acceptable performance for playback (<40% cpu 1920x1088)
> using XvMC with XvMCW set to XvMCNVIDIA
> Client:
> Commel Via C3-2 + CN400 Unichrome Pro chipset
> linux
> debian with latest from unichrome debs
> libviaxvmc libviaxvmcw libxvmcw1 libxvmc1 and xserver-xorg

Those actually might not be so recent.

> I can play lower rest (<1080i) HDTV with Via Xvmc but I get Blue
> Background and error insufficient resources error with high res.
> If I switch to standard XvMC, it can't keep up.
> I saw someone mention they had HDTV working w/ this board before, so I
> am wondering if I am missing a compile option or something else
> I compiled from 12/10 svn myth and enabled xvmc,xvmc-pro
> configure showed -lXvMCW for xvmc lib
> Second issue, is transcode for HDTV working? mythtranscode currently
> segfaults for me, I read of a problem associated with lame-dev, is
> there aproblem with the current lame release (3.96) or is it something
> else?
> Thanks for any help/suggestions in advance,
> Dan

Good luck.
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