[mythtv] Possible bug using Unichrome Pro?

Brad brad at thethorntons.net
Fri Dec 9 13:28:43 EST 2005

At risk of adding another piece of junk mail to your box, I would like to
apologies for the multiple post.

It was the fault of the web client I was using for the post, a periodic
refresh of the inbox was actually a post of the original message, not an
intentional barrage of email.

Thanks for the feedback.

I'll discontinue its use.



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How many times are you going to send this same message to the lsit? 
I've counted 6 now...

On 12/9/05, Bradley A. Thornton <brad at thethorntons.net> wrote:
> Hello-
> I looking at this issue thinking it is a bug in the Myth player.
> Hopefully someone can either help me identify the actually issue so I 
> might be able to provide an accurate bug filing.
> This is in an attempt to build a Myth frontend. On an Epia SP1300 I 
> installed Slackware 10.2, upgraded to kernel and grabbed 
> X.org
> I then grabbed openchrome svn version (development build, at svn 
> revision 107), dri from dri.sourceforge.net, and Myth SVN rev. 8112.
> Having everything installed my X log file looks fine. I'm using a LCD 
> monitor at 1280x1024,VLD XVMC in Myth compiled against unichromepro.
> Initially I was getting DRM and ViaXvMCCreateSurface: Unable to 
> allocate frambuffer memory!, this resulted reducing the number of XVMC 
> surface in the code (Comment out:- (about line 730) // if (vld) // 
> xvmc_buf_attr->SetNumSurf(16); in videoout_xv.cpp)
> This allows myth to play without crashing although the video is pure 
> garbage on the screen and I get a DRM memory allocation errors still.
> So I'd like to pose the following questions, given the same file plays 
> in xine outside of Myth.
> 1) Does anyone have an Epia SP1300 playing HDTV.
> 2) Should this configuration work?
> 3) I see entries in the database related to XVMC surface(mysql> select
> * from xvmc_buffer_settings;) How are these realted to the setting in 
> videoout_xv.cpp.
> Any thoughts, suggestions, personal experience, or troubleshooting 
> recommendations appreciated.
> Brad
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