[mythtv] Possible bug using Unichrome Pro?

Bradley A. Thornton brad at thethorntons.net
Fri Dec 9 12:41:52 EST 2005


I looking at this issue thinking it is a bug in the Myth player.  
Hopefully someone can either help me identify the actually issue so I 
might be able to provide an accurate bug filing.

This is in an attempt to build a Myth frontend. On an Epia SP1300 I 
installed Slackware 10.2, upgraded to kernel and grabbed 

I then grabbed openchrome svn version (development build, at svn 
revision 107), dri from dri.sourceforge.net, and Myth SVN rev. 8112.

Having everything installed my X log file looks fine. I'm using a LCD 
monitor at 1280x1024,VLD XVMC in Myth compiled against unichromepro.

Initially I was getting DRM and ViaXvMCCreateSurface: Unable to 
allocate frambuffer memory!, this resulted reducing the number of XVMC 
surface in the code (Comment out:- (about line 730) // if (vld) // 
xvmc_buf_attr->SetNumSurf(16); in videoout_xv.cpp)

This allows myth to play without crashing although the video is pure 
garbage on the screen and I get a DRM memory allocation errors still.

So I'd like to pose the following questions, given the same file plays 
in xine outside of Myth.

1) Does anyone have an Epia SP1300 playing HDTV.
2) Should this configuration work?
3) I see entries in the database related to XVMC surface(mysql> select 
* from xvmc_buffer_settings;) How are these realted to the setting in 

Any thoughts, suggestions, personal experience, or troubleshooting 
recommendations appreciated.


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