[mythtv] [mythtv-users] need a way to confirm resolution change (fwd)

Daniel Walton dwalton at cisco.com
Thu Dec 8 18:55:08 EST 2005

I didn't get a response on mythtv-users.  Does anyone know how I can reset my
frontend resolution back to the default given the scenario below?


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Date: Thu, 8 Dec 2005 10:37:23 -0500 (EST)
From: Daniel Walton <dwalton at cisco.com>
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Subject: [mythtv-users] need a way to confirm resolution change

I'm curious to see if others are intersted in this....I have myth running on an
xbox which is connected to my HDTV and have problems if I happen to tweak the
resolution to something that my TV can't display.  So far this only happens if I
select the "GUI and playback can have different resolutions" option (something
like that) and it only happens for certain resolutions.

Once the resolution is hosed I don't have a way to change it back to something
usable.  I tried logging in via vnc but when I go through the mythfrontend
Appearance options via vnc I don't get the "GUI and playback can have different
resolutions" screen so I can't undo my settings.  I looks like the frontend is
checking to see what type of display it is running on and only displays this
fancy option for certain scenarios.

It would be really cool if myth gave you a "Can you read the screen now? Click
OK" popup after a resolution change.  If you don't click ok myth will fallback
to the previous settings in X number of seconds.

Anyone else hitting this problem or anyone interested in this feature?


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