[mythtv] Why Not MPEG-2 Encoding?

Kevin Kuphal kuphal at dls.net
Thu Dec 8 22:01:44 UTC 2005

Jim Peterson wrote:

>  If, by "Jim", you mean me (and not some wise, all-powerful MythTV
>  developer) then... yeah!  I'm all over it!  Sorta.  Just, please, someone
>  point me in the right direction and I'll code it up.  Frankly, I would
>  think that you would want the ability to add arbitrary encoder modules...
>  *.so files that export a user-readable name and some GUI option tweaks.
>  Then it would be easier to add more in the future, in case someone has
Given that MythTV uses ffmpeg, it should be "trivial" to have it use 
other codecs as long as they are supported by that library.  No need for 
additional *.so files.  And if a new codec is needed, add it to the 
upstream FFMPEG sources and it will get downstream to us.  That being 
said, I've never looked into that part of the code so I'm not sure how 
it operates so crack it open and see.


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