[mythtv] Debian apt packages

Doug Larrick doug at ties.org
Wed Dec 7 17:25:42 EST 2005

Robert LeBlanc wrote:
> Here is the status. I put in to Debian to pick up the requested package
> mythtv. I have yet to hear a response. I may have not done It right
> either, but I followed what instructions I could find on their web site.
> I tried to set-up a project on alioth.debian.org, but the project
> pkg-mythtv was already taken although I could not find it on their site.
> I'm thinking since the package was requested that it is locked on
> alioth. If anyone can let me know what I am doing wrone, maybe we can
> get some movement on the project. I'm coming into finals next week so I
> will have a little bit more time in a week and a half.

pkg-mythtv on alioth was set up by PowerPC Debian users who would like
to get more of MythTV working on PPC Linux.  See the linux-ppc archives
at lists.debian.org for more details.  I'm sure they'd be happy to use
their space for SVN etc. of the mainstream MythTV packages for Debian.

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