[mythtv] Re: [mythtv-commits] Re: Ticket #741: Patch for naming videosources...

Simon Kenyon simon at koala.ie
Wed Dec 7 00:40:57 UTC 2005

On Monday 05 December 2005 19:04, Bruce Markey wrote:

> I think you missed the point of this. The issue is displaying a
> user friendly string in place of the cryptic number and driver
> defined input name so your family can see "VCR" on screen rather
> than "2: Composite1" and expect them to understand that this is
> the input for the VCR. This doesn't affect any functionality.

i raised the issue in the first place :-)
so no, i don't think i missed the point

> The key to cycle through cards is "Y" by default or the keybinding
> for SWITCHCARDS. The order and priority of the inputs are at the
> core of the scheduler and I detailed how the scheduled and live
> inputs are selected in another message last night. You can change the
> order of cards or inputs and you can add or subtract priority for
> inputs but this has nothing to do with on screen display strings.

i never realised that
i had always done it directly in the db

> This change does allow you to display "Dish Network", or whatever,
> in place of "1: S-Video 0" when you switch to that source 2 input.
> The fact that you "really don't care" which input you switch to
> is moot. I only use A/V test mode for checking signal quality and
> picture settings and I need to know which wire is loose or which
> device to send a v4l ioctl to or which channel needs a filter
> adjusted. Before we had the OSD messages, it was a guessing game
> (or checking backend logs) to figure out which input was used
> after pressing Y and C multiple times. I need to see which input
> is selected and with this change, you can have it say what the
> video source or device is on screen if you'd like.
> As for your card 1 busy, if there is a scheduled recording for
> source 2 the live session would get a menu saying that s recording
> is about to start. If you choose to keep watching and cancel the
> recording, that someone has only you to blame ;-).
> Configuration tip, put other sources on higher cards so there is
> less contention. I currently have analog only on card 1, analog
> and VCR on card 2 then analog and digital cable on card 3. Digital
> channels always win card 3 unless there were three analog shows
> all with higher priority at the same time and this is not gonna
> happen. If I had digital on card 1, the scheduler's "Reschedule
> Higher Priorities" would do the right thing and move analog shows
> when the digital input was needed. However, it's less confusing
> to know that digital has control of card 3 but it could still
> be used as a third analog input if needed. In your case, ideally
> you could have source 1 on 1,2,3 and 4, source 3 on 2 and 3 and
> source 2 on 4 as 4 is the least likely to be needed for source 1.
> At least if you could move source 2's s-video to card 2 or switch
> the card numbers for cards 1 and 2, you may be better off.

the contention is not the card, it is the source. with only one feed for the 
majority of channels that people want to watch, that card/input combination 
is the scarce resource.

we use myth in my house for  live-tv. recording rarely figure in the equation.
we get a decent program guide
i have a frontend in the garage at the end of my garden - which my kids use as 
a den. i never thought to wire it for tv and so i connect them to the house 
lan using wi-fi.


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