AW: [mythtv] Bugs, Thinks that should be fixed.

Steve Adeff adeffs at
Tue Dec 6 22:43:43 UTC 2005

On Monday 21 November 2005 03:37, Jochen Kühner wrote:
> Can you make a few screenshots so that all people see what is differnet and
> whats much better...


not mine since I can't easily make any, but screen shots none the less of the 
whole system. Anyway, my thoughts/ideas on the two, in a stream of 
consciousness format....

XBMC handles music by letting you browse by file or by "library". the library 
is created when XBMC scans your music to build its library via tags. When 
switched to Library view it then gives you the option to browse via Genre, 
Artist, Albums, Songs and then by some pre-set "smart playlists":Top 100, 
Recently Added, Recently Played, and then finally playlists.

More than anything the screen layout for XBMC's music is much different and 
IMHO nicer. You should be able to get a pretty good idea of how it works from 
the screen shots.
Creation of a playlist is as simple as selecting the artist/album/song you 
want to add and hitting the 0 button which adds to the playlist, you can then 
switch back and forth from the playlist to all the music files with a button, 
I've got this mapped to one of the buttons on my remote. 

One thing that MythMusic doesn't handle well is the visualizations. Instead of 
automatically starting them in fullscreen XBMC requires a button to be 
pressed to start it fullscreen. It also does a neat thing where when music is 
playing and you go to the main menu, the normal picture graphic is replaced 
by the visualization you've chosen.

MythMusic also shows the playback control buttons on the bottom. I've yet to 
figure out why since I can't get them to highlight or anything. I haven't 
looked into the keymappings for MythMusic, but I don't see why they are not 
just mapped the same as MythTV for play/pause/FF/RW/next/previous/etc. and 
then just get rid of these graphical buttons. As well a Music OSD similar to 
MythTV would be nice, overlayed over the menu and visualization when music is 

If I were to be redesigning MythMusic I would have the file browse view and 
the id3tag library view. I personally really like how the iTunes browser 
works (with 'Genre | Artist | Album ' allowing you to narrow down the listed 
songs) and think this would be a great way to handle viewing songs in library 

anyway, let me know thoughts, etc. As well, if anyone is actually thinking of 
working on MythMusic let me know as I'd love to help with UI ideas, I've got 
no usable programming skills so thats pretty much all I'd be able to help 
with, but I really want Myth to match the music playback capabilities of XBMC 
since I listen to music as much as watch TV and being able to use Myth for 
this eliminates my need for XBMC on my main stereo (and the ability to move 
it to the bedroom as a second Myth frontend ;-)


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> Betreff: Re: [mythtv] Bugs, Thinks that should be fixed.
> > Mythmusic - we should increase the loading speed, if you have a huge
> > music
> database. Maybe myth could load the last playlist and start playing before
> loading the database, and the track selection should be able before the
> whole
> database is loaded.
> It would be nice, if whomever decides to do work on MythMusic take a look
> at
> XBMC on the xbox. While I'm not saying it should mimic it exactly, I've
> found
> XBMC to be the best media center I've used, and it does amazing things with
> how it handles music.

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