[mythtv] duplicates in previously recorded

Bruce Markey bjm at lvcm.com
Tue Dec 6 03:26:24 UTC 2005

Preston Crow wrote:
> When I look at the previously-recorded shows, it is now showing entries
> not only for the shows that it recorded, but for the shows that it
> avoided recording because they were already in the table.
> Is this a bug or an intentional change?

Intentional. These are in the inactive font and are cleaned
out after a number of days.

> If it's intentional, what's the value in putting shows into the table
> multiple times?

There should only be one entry per time/station/episode. The
value is that you can look back to see what happened. For instance,
if you noticed that one of your favorite shows didn't record this
week, you could look back in the time sorted list to see that they
showed a re-run this week. Or, maybe it got marked as Later and will
record a few days from now. The important change here is that David
is now storing the record status in oldrecorded so you can see why
a recording was skipped or failed including a new status rsAborted
if the backend dies or is killed during a recording.

This also relates to how we keep track of the status of shows between
there start time and end time (things currently on) and maintain
that state info if the master backend is restarted. This was all
part of some redesign that lead up to making it possible to change
the ending time of a recording in progress which wasn't possible
until a couple months ago. Renaming the video files and storing
the basename in the recorded table was also part of this.

Also, in the program details page, we now look up oldrecorded info
so say you see a search result that looks interesting but all too
familiar. The details page will show if it was recorded before and
the date it was recorded even though there isn't a current matching
rule for the show.

And, the recording options page now has a button for "List previous
episodes" which is a Previously Recorded page for just the items
that match the current rule's title or recordid.

Probably a few other small things but how we use oldrecorded info
got a pretty good overhaul.

--  bjm

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