[mythtv] Why Not MPEG-2 Encoding?

Kevin Kuphal kuphal at dls.net
Mon Dec 5 14:25:34 UTC 2005

Jim Peterson wrote:

> You'd be best to spend the $65 or so and get a PVR-150 (regular
>     or MCE edition) and capture straight to MPEG-2 using its hardware
>     encoder.
>   I might look into that... but it's getting harder and harder to meet 
> a "TiVO + 1 year subscription" price point.  I guess I just should 
> have gotten a quieter front end, so I could keep it in my living room.

To be honest, Myth will never be about beating the Tivo pricepoint.  For 
me, the flexibility to spend $65 and add another tuner or drop a couple 
hundred and put a networkable frontend anywhere in my house is well 
worth the initial extra outlay to bring the system up.


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