[mythtv] Fwd: MythFlix Patch

Velorider velorider at publicemail.us
Mon Dec 5 04:44:45 UTC 2005

I've submit a new patch for the mythflix plugin that adds MoveToTop and
RemoveFromQueue.  When "Browsing Queue", "D" removes the movie from the queue
and "1" moves the movie to the top of the queue.  I had to export all the
http queue management calls to a perl script.  The QHTTP and myth's extension
HttpComms didn't provide enough http support to make it work (i.e. redirect,
POST, cookie).  The biggest problem was cookies.  I choose PERL along with
LWP because that's what MythVideo is using for IMBD.  I didn't want to
introduce any new dependencies.  Read the README to initialize the netflix
cookie, it's very simple.

A follow up patch will address the need to initializing the netflix cookie
from the command line, along with address the missing UI issues.  This
requires an understanding of the UI/theme/painting code.  I'm stilling
working on understanding that.  The patch will focus on the lack of positive
acknowledgment when adding movies, more options on the configuration to
intialize the cookie from there, and a more remote control friendly queue
management UI, rather then random key bindings (i.e D and 1).  If there is
anything else you can suggest regaurding UI improvements let me know.

Any feedback, suggests or advice are appreciated.



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