[mythtv] Stuttering LiveTV (even more)

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Thu Dec 1 19:46:50 EST 2005

On 12/01/05 19:24, Tom Lichti wrote:

> Andrew Burke wrote:
>>> Dag Nygren wrote:  
>>>> Just found out that MythTV has also recorded in very small pieces
>>>> everything(?) I watched live . There was no request for recordings
>>>> in the schedule at this time. WHAT is going on here????????
>>> What is going on is that you need to go back and read the commits and
>>> dev list for the last month, and see what's been changed. The LiveTV
>>> rewrite is still not quite finished, although it's working good for me.
>> This kind of confusion might argue for better hiding of recorded live tv
>> from the average user, though.  Encountering those recordings probably
>> will only make sense to the small number of people reading this dev 
>> list.
> As of the latest SVN, this is the way it works, you never see the 
> files unless you have watched for more than a certain amount of time 
> (not sure what that is off hand).

Yeah, now people who don't do their homework won't notice the LiveTV 
recordings so instead of, "Why does it record all my LiveTV when I 
didn't tell it to?" we'll get "Myth is leaking files onto my system.  I 
deleted all my recordings and my 2TB LVM/RAID is full."  Of course, 
there will be a few who actually look at the filesystem and see a bunch 
of NUV's/MPG's and they'll say, "Myth isn't deleting the file when I 
delete a recording," or "Myth is recording some files that I didn't tell 
it to record and that don't show up in the program list."  ;)

Oh well, I guess we have to give people something to complain about...

Makes LiveTV use the LiveTV recording group:

Adds a setting to allow you to show LiveTV in All Programs and defaults 
the setting to hidden:


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