[mythtv] Stuttering LiveTV (even more)

Andrew Burke aburke at bitflood.org
Thu Dec 1 19:03:16 EST 2005

> Dag Nygren wrote:
>> Just found out that MythTV has also recorded in very small pieces
>> everything(?) I watched live . There was no request for recordings
>> in the schedule at this time. WHAT is going on here????????
>> Dag
> What is going on is that you need to go back and read the commits and
> dev list for the last month, and see what's been changed. The LiveTV
> rewrite is still not quite finished, although it's working good for me.

This kind of confusion might argue for better hiding of recorded live tv
from the average user, though.  Encountering those recordings probably
will only make sense to the small number of people reading this dev list.

I haven't played with the new setup, maybe this guy got in there and found
those recordings in some non-trivial way, in which case disregard my
comments.  But if it *is* easy to end up seeing all the livetv recordings,
I would suggest that it be made harder to spare the average user


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