[mythtv] SVN version info

Allan Stirling Dibblahmythml0015 at pendor.org
Thu Dec 1 17:57:59 EST 2005

Kieron Wilkinson wrote:
> Allan Stirling wrote:
>> Add a header to each of the text files in Myth, with the $revision$ 
>> and/or $id$ svn keywords. These are automatically filled in by the SVN 
>> server on each checkout. For an example, look at 
> On the current SVN implementation, this expansion is only done if a
> client-side setting says so. So every user would have to enable it.
> Server-side settings that "push" out to clients is planned, but AFAIK
> not until the next major release (2.0).
 From what I understand (which may be incorrect!), this is not client side - 
It's an attribute on each file under SVN control. The standard from-source 
tarball build defaults to honoring this expansion.

>> During configure (or build), scan a specific place in all source files 
>> (head -nx) for the highest $revision$ tag. Once you've scanned all 
>> files, grab the associated date from $id$, then create locally in the 
>> build tree a .h/.cpp with a singleton version function.
> If the above worked, you would just do it with one file, which would
> really affect build time.
That would only get you the revision of the last change of that one file, 
hence the issue. There is no global revision number accessible from a $tag$.



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