[mythtv] Sync problem in LiveTV

raptorjr raptorjr at hotmail.com
Thu Dec 1 11:40:48 EST 2005

If i play a recording on another computer it behaves the same way. The bad 
sound/picture jump is recorded too.

The cpu is on about 45% when i watch LiveTV, so it should be enough power to 
play it smoothly. And it has been
working before. I have used MythTV for about 1 year on the same computer 
and it has been working perfect.
But sinve LiveTV was so slow to change channels i have mostly been using it 
to record programs. But lately, due
to this problem, i can't use it for recording either. Don't reallay know 
when this problem started.

The log shows me nothing, but maybe i need to supply some debug switch to 
the sommand line to see information?


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> On 11/30/05 16:39, raptorjr wrote:
>> Yes, at the moment it is unchecked. Think i have tried ever possible 
>> combination of
>> that option, and the Extra audio buffering option. But checked or 
>> unchecked
>> it makes no difference.
>> But i wonder if it is the problem that i have that the information text 
>> explains on the
>> Extra audio buffering option, "crackly" sound? Since i have a hardware 
>> encoding card.
>> But unfortunately that setting doesn't help me. Could it be broken?
> It definitely works.  Turn off extra audio buffering and play a very dark 
> show (or a show with very dark scenes).  During the dark scenes, you'll 
> hear pops and clicks.
> The problem may be IO related.  Anything in the logs?
> Mike
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