[mythtv] dvbchannel patch

Mark Weaver mark-clist at npsl.co.uk
Wed Aug 31 03:42:42 UTC 2005

Mark Weaver wrote:
> Daniel Kristjansson wrote:
>> On Tue, 2005-08-30 at 00:46 +0100, Mark Weaver wrote:
>>> Without this, changing channels fairly frequently locks up -- the 
>>> attached backtrace & backend log with -v siparser,channel,record are 
>>> attached.
> Sorry, spoke too soon.  This appears to do the same thing with the patch 
> (locks up occasionally).  (Very similar) backtrace & mythbackend logs 
> attached.
Basically this happens when changing frequencies -- it's not getting the 
right PAT, fails to find the program, and then locks up.  At least, this 
is how I read the log (see attached).  Any ideas?


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