[mythtv] [MythVideo] IMDb search behaviour

Oscar Curero oscar-listas at naiandei.net
Mon Aug 29 01:09:40 UTC 2005

> Hi,
> Trying to learn a little (very little) perl, I'd like to modify the
> imdb.pl that MythVideo uses for it's searches to make one that searches
> tv.com instead.
> However, having lost my C++ reading skills totally and therefore not
> being able to find out myself, I wonder how MythVideo will react on
> getting a second list of 'movieid:Movie Title' when having selected one
> from the first query? Will it show you another select title window or
> will it try to ?

No. It will fetch the data and then the poster. We should change this to be 
able to do what you say: search different sources and then decide which of it 
gives the best result. This is specially a problem when the video is in 
languages other than English like French, German, Spanish...  

> This is since i have not found a good way search for 
> episodes on tv.com. If anyone know of a good way finding episode info
> from tv.com or anything with equally good info, please tell me.

If no one else want, I can do the script for tv.com (in python, as I'm 
learning it :) ) 

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