[mythtv] audiodevice bug and DNS resolution

George schneg at rpi.edu
Sun Aug 28 19:23:35 UTC 2005

Sorry if this information is posted elsewhere. Here are my questions:
1) I noticed a bug in mythtv where setting the recording audio device 
option will put "/dev/dsp" into the database instead of whatever value 
you put there. My workaround right now is to use this command on the 
MySQL database manually when I install the capture card:
update capturecard set audiodevice='/dev/dsp1';
I'm wondering what source files (or maybe just the general directory) 
would contain the code which sets this setting? I don't think it's an 
audio thing since after the right device is set everything works well.
2) Is there a way to specify domain names in place of ip addresses in 
the setup prompt? Or a piece of code to change to make this behavior 
possible? I suppose if ip addresses were stored as integers instead of 
strings it might be a lot more effort than a simple DNS resolution.

-George Schneeloch

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