[mythtv] Some ideas about mythmusic

Bengt Johannesson bengt_johannesson at hotmail.com
Fri Aug 19 21:15:20 UTC 2005

Call me crazy, but I'm another one of those who uses the filesystem for 
my music. I almost never use playlists.

I still think mythmusic works quite nice for me as it is.

However, if I could wish for a single feature it would be for mythmusic 
to remember where it was playing when it quit last time and try to 
resume from there. Preferably it would remember how far it has reached 
into the song, but that isn't at all necessary. I for one certainly love 
the resume feature of my car stereo. (As I don't use playlists I always 
start playing music by backing up and  avigating down my music tree.)

Another thing that would be nicewould be an automatic rescan during 
navigation if something has changed in the "current directory". That 
would be nice for mythvideo as well.

Thank you very much for a lovely piece of software.

Thank you,
Bengt Johannesson

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