[mythtv] bug recording uncompressed audio?

Ed W lists at wildgooses.com
Thu Aug 18 23:27:55 UTC 2005

>You're failing to see that sending in a completely untested patch is *exactly* 
>the same thing as complaining and not sending in any information. 

I disagree.  I have personally fixed up a number of nearly complete 
patches posted here and finalised them.  Probably without the initial 
legwork being done I wouldn't have done so.

I can't tell from the patch whether this is a bodge or a decent fix, but 
I think it was a useful post which *might* help someone who finds it in 
the archives at a later stage while debugging the issue (assuming it's 
not now fixed in cvs?)

I do wonder if we shouldn't try more "carrot" and less "stick" in terms 
of encouraging patches to be submitted in the correct format? I have 
observed a number of other projects that are around the same size as 
Myth and noticed that they often have a much higher ratio of code 
contributors to users.  The key difference is often observed that 
"older" members of the project tend to reject patches and encourage 
updated versions of the patch in a fairly friendly and encouraging 
fashion.  (I know I have written some complete crap for a couple of 
other projects like mplayer and yet had it returned to me an upbeat 
reply along the lines of "hmm, looking good, but could you redo it like 

Just a thought.  Perhaps it would also drop your workload and 
frustration levels..?

All the best

Ed W

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