[mythtv] Tuning remarks

Daan de Beer mythdev at wanadoo.nl
Sat Aug 13 07:51:00 UTC 2005

I am using the current SVN version of Mythtv, but this is a problem I saw from 
the 0.15 version when I first started.

I live in the Netherlands, so I am using PAL if that makes any difference. I 
used MythSetup to enter all my channels into the database. For freqid I have 
to use something like "E10". The finetuning I can calculate from 

([channel frequency from provider] - [channel frequency from frequencies.c]) / 
16 * 1000.

This seems to work, but most channels have MPEG artifacts when recording, and 
sometimes my PVR500's second tuner records in black&white or out of focus. I 
thought this had something to do with ivtv driver, but even the latest on 
(0.3.7c) still gave the same results.

Yesterday I entered the real channel frequencies from my provider into the 
database and that solved all my problems. So instead of E10 and finetune -33 
I just entered the real frequency. Now the tuning is perfect.

This post is to let people know that if they have the same problems I had, 
what they can do, but I also want to try to debug the tuning code. Where is 
the actual frequency to tune to calculated? Is that in channel.cpp?


Daan de Beer

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