[mythtv] Why nuppelvideo mpeg4?

David Whyte david.whyte at gmail.com
Mon Aug 8 22:15:45 EDT 2005

> I'm pretty sure they used to work in WMP - but I'm talking about a year
> ago or so. Maybe an earlier version of WMP too.
I will concurr.  I find that WMP no longer plays them either.  I
actually have some old recordings, so I will go through and try and
pick as date for when they stopped playing back.

This WMP issue and the fact that Media Player Classic no longer seems
to like my myth:\\ URL's gives me a headache.  I have switched to VLC
but that is as bad with the URL's too.  I guess I will have to setup
MythWeb to support a SMB share, but I also look forward to the latest
versions of dsMyth, which have vast TS improvements I believe.


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