[mythtv] A thought on Commercial Flagging -- Long (And rambling)

Lucas Meijer lucas at mach8.nl
Sun Aug 7 16:22:54 EDT 2005

Robert Johnston wrote:


Every now and then the "lets make a big online database of commercials" 
albeit learning or not learning topic comes up on the mailing list.

It might not be a completely bad idea per se, but it's just way out 
there at the moment. Commercial flagging would be way better of with 
someone spending some time on better "feature detection"..  Chris has 
written pretty much everything himself, and while it's remarkable that 
things are often working, a lot of the detection (logo detection, scene 
change detection, blank frame detection) is not shockingly accurate.

If you want commercial flagging to get better, improve the methods that 
the highlevel algorithm bases its decisions on.

Anyone who can code can imho better spend his/her time on that, than on 
some self learning, global online commercial identification database. I 
am convinced "simple" look-at-video-and-audio commercial detection can 
become incredibly accurate if only more people work on it. Right now all 
we have is pretty much the work of one guy.

Bye, Lucas

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