[mythtv] small CC problem

sukovich ssukovich at tampabay.rr.com
Fri Aug 5 21:14:33 EDT 2005

>>Myth doesn't support captions at all on the pvr-350.
> I started watching at 17:04:45, and CC was working. At 17:14:41 there was 
> a commercial break. CC was turned off and MythTV skipped over the 
> commercials and continued playing, but CC was never turned back on, and 
> from this point on they don't ever turn back on.The same thing happens if 
> I manually skip forward or backwards. CC turns off, but never turns back 
> on.

Pretty much what happens with me. The real question though is this a ivtv
problem or a mythtv problem? Is mythtv turning off the captioning by
sending an ioctl and not turning it back on? Should mythtv send an ioctl to
turn it on?

or should ivtv be controlling turning the captions on and off when the 
skips ahead? starts or stops or whatever its doing.


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