Fwd: [mythtv] New MythGame not populating rom database

Greg Estabrooks greg at phaze.org
Thu Aug 4 10:51:57 EDT 2005

> Only was suggesting to go back to populate the database, hoping that
> the new version still reads the same db table for genre, year, etc...

 Those columns are still there but there are new ones that it expects to be
populated as well that are not handled in the old version. I would
not be suprised if doing what you describe gets very odd results :)

> I've got several 100 mame roms installed, and without some way to
> filter that down (e.g. by year or genre) theres no quick way to jump

 I'm actually working on that part of the app now. So hopefully it'll be 
in a condition to put out for people to use soon. First thing I'll be 
looking to add back is the MAME meta data, followed by more detailed
info about other romtypes.

> down to say the games that start with the letter s.  Would be great if
> it used the a-z selector as used for searching programs, or if you

 I've been considering adding name hashing as a configurable option. I've got
around 30k names in my game list and I know the pain of having to scroll to 
get to the game :)

 However one thing you might want to use for the games you regularly run is 
to make them a "Favourite" and they will be listed in the Favourites tree
which in theory will be a small fraction of your overall games and you 
wont have to scroll as much.

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