[mythtv] Odd Job Queue Behavior

Chris Pinkham cpinkham at bc2va.org
Wed Apr 27 04:18:08 UTC 2005

> I've noticed some slightly odd behavior from the job queue.  It's not
> really a functionality thing so much as a status display thing. 
> Basically, if there is a single job running in the job queue, when it
> completes the status gets set to JOB_FINISHED.  However, if that job
> completes and there are still other jobs being run (on any backend)
> the status gets set to JOB_STOPPING and stays that way until ALL jobs
> are complete.  As soon as there are no longer any active jobs in the
> queue all completed jobs get set to JOB_FINISHED.

I'm unable to replicate this.  I fired off 2 flagging jobs, about 5
minutes apart.  The first one has already finished and properly shows
a JOB_FINISHED status while the second job is still in JOB_RUNNING.
This was verified by looking at the backend status webpage and the
jobqueue table itself.

Can you turn on JobQueue debugging with "-v jobqueue" and see if the
finished status messages are being printed when you think they should
be (when the actual job finishes).

> Again, this doesn't seem to effect functionality at all, it just makes
> the status page very cluttered.  I'm digging into the jobqueue code
> today to see if I can find where and why this is happening, but if
> anyone has any tips on where to look I'd appreciate it.

Are you running current CVS or is this possibly related to the status
webpage html bug that was fixed on the 20th?


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