[mythtv] Status-ui.xml and keyboard issues with 0.18

Jon Wanderer jonwanderer at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 26 06:26:52 UTC 2005

I ran across a couple of problems with my yum upgrade to 0.18 that were
not present in my earlier install. Has anyone else seen these?

1) When I select 'Information Center'->'System Status' from the frontend
it immediately crashes with the following error message:

2005-04-26 02:06:43.453 Starting media monitor.
XMLParse::LoadTheme(): Can't open:
XMLParse::LoadTheme(): Can't open:
StatusBox: Failed to get selector container.

Checking reveals that these files are indeed missing, but this feature
was fine in 0.17.

2) The keyboard enter key fails to fully work in certain circumstances,
specifically when selecting yes/no on the confirmation to exit the
frontend. I can move up and down with the arrow keys, and pressing enter
will depress the selected box (the color changes) but won't activate it.
Hitting OK with my remote control works. I have the same issue with the
Cancel/Next/Back buttons of the configuration menu (keyboard depresses
the icon but won't execute the function, remote works fine). Elsewhere
everything seems OK.

If I'm just going crazy please let me know.


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