[mythtv] Shaved another second off the tuning process

David Shirley dave at cs.curtin.edu.au
Mon Apr 25 06:51:16 UTC 2005

Hi All,

I'm still looking at the tuning process within myth and found another

in libs/libmythtv/dvbsiparser.cpp -> DVBSIParser::StartSectionReader

the line (approx #242)

int ret = poll(pollArray, pollLength, 1000);

is causing the initial tuning process to be blown out by 1 second.

Probably because the pollArray hasn't been initialised to grab PMT by the
time this function gets called.

easy fix was to decrease the 1000ms to 10ms so the first time round it
hits the timeout - outcome was 1 second improvment in channel

but i suspect a better fix would be to only start the StartSectionReader
after we want to grab the initial PMT.



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