[mythtv] [PATCH] Add more views to mythgame

Ed Wildgoose lists at wildgooses.com
Sun Apr 24 22:23:09 UTC 2005

> Personally, I'm never too keen on hardcoding stuff like this - for 
> every person with 11,000 games there's probably someone else with 100 
> games or so who doesn't need all these different roots.

I am.  I hate having quite so many config options.  There isn't enough 
time in the day to figure out how to configure half the stuff now, it's 
easier to just go into the code and hard code stuff sometimes...

Lets make sensible choices for most people and go with it.  If I had 5 
games I could hardly moan that someone lets me sort them by date, name, 
emulator, etc...?

> What may be a better approach would be to increase the number of root 
> nodes (to 6?, or maybe 8?), but have each one configurable on the 
> settings page. 

Ugghh.  Please no.

Lets just have all the sort orders at each level.  Then I can start 
sorting by (say) genre, then by date, then by name.   Or perhaps sort by 
date, then by name.  And so on.

> Ideally, we should come up with a dynamic solution which had no 
> hardcoded maximum number of roots, but I never managed to think of a 
> good way of doing that. I think Ed Wildgoose was also looking at 
> something along these lines a while back - not sure how that is going :-)

Too many other interesting things to do, like work on my new business 
now I am self employed... Got lots of audio stuff to work on as well...

However, I would very much like to see these menu improvements appear in 
mythmusic and that might be what I work on soon

Good luck

Ed W

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