[mythtv] XVideo XvMC merge patch (v17)

Mark Spieth mark at dclabs.com.au
Sat Apr 23 00:20:36 UTC 2005

>>> but when I use XV, the screen appears to "wrap" around the top edge by
>>> ~20 pixels or so, and the top portion of the image appears at the
>>> bottom
>>> of the screen.  I haven't seen anybody else mention this, so I figured
>>> you might want to know...
>> This is the first report of this. Can you try an early version of the
>> patch, 1-5 ish to see if this happens in that patch. Also, what kind
>> of hardware and drivers are you using?
>I see this issue as well when fast forwarding. However, The machine I
>see it on does not have this patch applied.  Also, I have seen this for
>as long as I have been using myth on this machine, however since it
>only happens when fast forwarding, I always thought nothing of it.
>This is using XV.
this appears to be a X driver problem with accel on
turn accel off in your X config and see if it still happens.
It may run slow but I saw big differences.
Im using new savage dri stuff. ov update things were bad. feb update things
were better again.

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