[mythtv] Video Output patch v13

Terry Barnaby terry1 at beam.ltd.uk
Wed Apr 20 19:19:00 UTC 2005

Daniel Kristjansson wrote:
> On Tue, 2005-04-19 at 22:46 -0400, Daniel Kristjansson wrote:
> This is an update on the Xv/XvMC patch.
> The patch is here:
>    http://www.mrl.nyu.edu/~danielk/mythtv/xv-xvmc-merge-v13.patch.bz2
>>However, there is still a problem with Jumping backward and forward
>>in HDTV. My guess is that DiscardFrames() may need to be more
>>aggressive, i.e. hide visible XvMC surfaces so that more frames can
>>be freed, or discard old pause frames more quickly. But I need to do
>>some more debugging. This is not causing a playback lockup, but only
>>because I'm resetting videoout in NVP after 10 prebuffering waits.
> I believe I have fixed the OSD problem in HDTV. By that I mean there
> are no lockups and frames don't seem to get lost.  Basically, I've
> made DiscardFrames more aggressive by Syncing all displayed frames,
> while making at the same time it less aggressive by using the
> VideoOutputXv::DiscardFrame() to discard frames, which ensures
> that any frames for which an OSD blend frame is showing does not
> get discarded. 
> On my early model Geforce FX card I can pop up a non-transparent OSD
> without problems, while the non-transparent OSD no jump forward and
> back causes some studdering. Transparent OSD's make the problem worse.
> I don't expect OSD to work with HDTV until we have chromakey OSD, but
> at least this does not seem to be losing frames.
> I've also fixed the missing progress bar and bad end time on playing
> back recordings with XvMC, this was caused by SyncPositionMap() in
> DecoderBase not functioning on the second AVFD::OpenFile(),
> needed to reinit ffmpeg with a different video codec. The solution
> was to simply not call it on opening the same file a second time.
> This does point to another problem in avformatdecoder, the 800-1000
> hour recording time estimations for one hour programs were based on
> the calculated bit rate, obviously the calculated bit rate is way
> off, this could cause serious problems with buffering.
> -- Daniel
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For your info:

I have just tried compiling MythTv from CVS 2005-04-19 with this
patch for a Via M10K system with XVMC VLD.
I get the compiler error:
videooutbase.cpp: In member function `int 
VideoOutput::DisplayOSD(VideoFrame*, OSD*, int, int)':
videooutbase.cpp:975: error: 'class OSDSurface' has no member named 


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