[mythtv] One HDTV channel not giving me data, recently

Doug Larrick doug at ties.org
Tue Apr 19 20:02:06 UTC 2005

Kyle Rose wrote:
>>The TVCT caching with the dvb code SHOULD allow this to continue to work even
>>when the PSIP is not present as long as the MpegTS Program Number has not
>>changed since the TVCT stopped being sent.
>>This is the third station I have heard about that has stopped sending PSIP for
>>some time.. I wonder if they are using Thales Amber PSIP equipment that the
>>other stations here have had issues with as well..
> Has anyone contacted them about this?  If not, I will ping them.

Well either you did, and it worked, or they noticed it themselves (or
read this list!).  WFXT PSIP (complete with 3 days' guide data) looks to
be back on line.

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