[mythtv] 0.18 Choppy audio and video on some uk freeview dvbchannels

John Harvey john.p.harvey at btinternet.com
Sun Apr 17 19:25:02 UTC 2005

I set the "Use Hardware MPEG decoder" option in mythtv-setup to fix this
problem. Before setting this I had the same problem with the 350 though the
video plays back ok in mplayer and if you disable the use of the 350 for
playback (which was how I watched a recording that was like this).
I haven't tried switching to recording TS to see if that helps though.


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> Roger,
> Try running mythtv-setup and switching the recording type on your card
> from PS to TS.  I found an issue that came up from a CVS commit from
> March 27 to March 29th that broke a couple channels on my setup...
> switching to TS fixed the problem.  It turns out that those channels
> that were broken have mulitple audio streams associated with them.  If
> they have more than one stream you may have to hit '+' to get the
> stream to play when watching the channel in TS mode.
> Good luck,
> -Greg
> On 4/17/05, Roger James <roger at beardandsandals.co.uk> wrote:
> >
> > I have just upgraded to 0.18 and I now have a problem with certain UK
> > freeview channels (DVB-T) viewed as live TV. I was running a CVS build
> from
> > about a month ago and that was working perfectly.
> >
> > There are no error messages appearing in the logs, so maybe the problem
> is
> > different than the one already reported on the list (Re: [mythtv] A/V
> Bug in
> > CVS from 12:00am 3/27 to 12:00am 3/29).
> >
> > The problem manifests as choppy audio and jerky video which seems
> similar to
> > the problem already reported. The choppiness is very regular at approx
> 500ms
> > repeat rate (this suggest some sort of timing problem)
> >
> > The channels it appears on are constant, but are not related to a single
> > multiplex. I have not been able to determine what the common factor is.
> <clip>
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