[mythtv] Video Output patch (incl. Windows & OSX)

Ivor Hewitt ivor at ivor.org
Fri Apr 15 20:07:40 UTC 2005

On Friday 15 Apr 2005 17:10, Daniel Kristjansson wrote:
> This is an update on the Xv/XvMC merge patch, but I changed the subject
> line because I need people using other video output types to test this.
> Particularly, I need users Windows DirectX and Macintosh Quartz output
> to test it. Basically there are some changes in videooutbase.h and I'm
> not sure I took all of them into account in those video output methods.
> I also need a VLD tester, I've removed all but one pieces of code that
> will only compile on VLD. The idea is to make it possible to generate
> one XvMC capable binary for both regular and VLD XvMC.
> I've also removed the XvMC stream type hack from avformatdecoder.cpp
> which should avoid those "bad packet" warnings in non-XvMC output
> modes.
> The patch is here:
>     http://www.mrl.nyu.edu/~danielk/mythtv/xv-xvmc-merge-v9.patch.bz2

Hi Daniel,

Tried, image is fine... but get a segfault if I rapidly jump backwards and 
forwards. I 'think' it was an OSD problem... but due to a minor cock up 
didn't get  a core... and the EPIA's being used to watch a film at the 
I'll get a backtrace and track it down.



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