[mythtv] mfd RSTP

thor mythtv at lamedomainname.com
Wed Apr 13 15:18:28 UTC 2005

On Wednesday 13 April 2005 10:53 am, Geoffrey Kruse wrote:

> A little more tinkering and I got it to work.  Turns out I have itchy
> mapped to the external ip address of my router with ports forwarded
> under NAT.  When I point vlc to rtsp:// it works like a
> charm.  The sync of multiple sets of speakers is pretty amazing!

 Wish I could take credit, but the sync'ing is all liveMedia library stuff.
> On another note, what format is the sound mfd is sending over the wire?
>   It seems to use quite a bit more bandwidth than my airport express.

 It's sending 16-bit, 2 channel, 44.1 PCM data (ie. same raw bits as found on 
a CD). Airport uses ALAC which is compressed losslessly. It's definitely 
compressable, but doing on the fly compression at the sender and 
decompression at the receiver is of secondary importance at this point. 

> Once I did finally get vlc pointed to the right place, I did
> occasionally have some trouble with it getting confused.  Mostly when
> it had been playing for around an hour, it would start stuttering and
> would not resume smooth playback unless I restarted mfd and vlc.

 Haven't seen that. It's probably a buffer thing. There's lots to tweak here. 

> Lastly, I can't wait for the "speakers" part of this.  I  might have
> some spare time to play around with this in the next couple of weeks, I
> think iTunes integration is high on my list of awesome things I could
> do with this.

 Well, using mfd to play to an Airport express is definitely doable as soon as 
an ALAC encoder gets figured out.

 Using mfd "speakers" as an output in iTunes (on the lower right, where you 
can switch from "computer" to Airport Express's) will be far more difficult. 
iTunes encrypts all traffic to the AExpress. While the public key to encrypt 
and send to an AExpress is well known, the private key to decrypt is not. So 
there's no way for an mfd "speaker" to decrypt to cleartext ALAC. If there 
were, of course, you could just save the stream, including m4p streams, 
which ... well ... you get the idea.

 Note that the mfd already does iTunes integration at the daap level. You can 
see and play all your mythmusic content in iTunes. It will convert ogg, flac, 
etc to wav on the fly as it sends it to iTunes. You can also see and play all 
iTunes content (well, not m4p, but everything else) from the mfd/mfe. 

- thor


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