[mythtv] [PATCH] Experimental full DVB-T scan

Andrew Dennison andrew-lists at optusnet.com.au
Wed Apr 13 12:44:02 UTC 2005

John Pullan wrote:
> So use Nigel's numbers ? Either the full set or the optimised set ? I'm
> a bit reluctant to use the optimised set, but I will if you guys think
> they are OK for the near future (1 year say). 


Didn't get a change to read the full thread before my last response.

Just to confirm I agree the full frequency ranges are:

channels 6-12:   177.5Mhz - 226.5MHz
channels 28-69:  529.5MHz - 816.5MHz

With some random transmitters having a +125kHz offset...

I don't personally see an advantage in optimising the scan, it's 
something you only really need to do once. Probably better to catch all 
cases than save a bit of time?

My old Nova-T actually scanned much faster than I expected (a minute or 
two?), and it's fairly slow to tune. I expect my DVICO would scan faster 
but I already have the channels so I haven't tried:)

Also interesting to note my scan picked up all transports at the correct 
frequency, but I don't think the old nova-t PLL* can shift too far from 
the centre frequency. Maybe the issue with other cards could be driver 
related too - which cards are you using Nigel?

It sounds like Nigel has done far more testing than me - I just applied 
the patch as I did the big update to the new DVB code. It sounded useful 
as I was going to lose my existing channels in the update!


* it's the PLL (phase locked loop) that locks onto the carrier. AGC 
(automatic gain control) is for signal strength.

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