[mythtv] Overlapping calls to readSocket

Mark Edwards irish at irishmark.co.uk
Wed Apr 13 10:42:16 UTC 2005

> Also, is it really necessary to:
> 2005-04-13 02:31:17.632 54 
> ..
> 2005-04-13 02:31:20.638 54 
> ..
> 2005-04-13 02:31:23.849 54 
> ..
> Quite so often? Surely once per second (or, preferably, 30 seconds) 
> would be better?

This is the EIT parser, removing the reschedule does no harm, if you are
getting a lot of events the master is _constantly_ rescheduling after
changing channels for up to 5 minutes. (it's one of the last lines of
Commenting it out reduces the load quite considerably, but you run the risk
of not catching a last minute program alteration.
A cleverer way would be to only reschedule after a certain number of events
have been saved, but I don't really see it's that necessary, reschedules get
triggered regularly anyway by other events.

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