[mythtv] re: buttons don't press with enter key

Paul mythtv at dsl.pipex.com
Tue Apr 12 22:43:08 UTC 2005

>running CVS from a few days ago, and I've noticed for awhile now that
>many buttons ("next", "No, leave my card settings alone", etc) won't
>"click" with enter/space. Well, they change color as if they're
>depressed, but they don't do anything, and if I press any arrow keys, I
>can move to select other buttons.

>After some testing, I've noticed that shortcuts (eg. alt-N for next) do
>still work, but pressing space/enter doesn't.

>Dunno what to do for the ones that don't have a shortcut key. Makes it
>pretty hard to test my pvr-150 if I can't get past the first question in


I have just upgraded to Fedora Core 3 myself and have the same problem.
It's already been reported to be a problem with the qt-3.3.4 shipped with
FC3 I think.

I may have found a partial solution to the problem. 

In MythPushButton::keyPressEvent() in file mythwidgets.cpp change

if (action == "SELECT")
    emit pressed();
    handled = true;


if (action == "SELECT")
    handled = true;

It seems to work fine everywhere I tried with one exception. In the 
mythmusic playback screen when returning from the popup menu it 
causes a seg fault for me every time. Changing the code back again 
and mythmusic works ok. So it may not be the right solution but at 
least it may give a starting point for someone to workout what's happening
here and come up with a proper fix.

Anybody care to give it a try and report back.


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