[mythtv] Extending MythVideo

Steven mythmail at richardstraat.homedns.org
Mon Apr 11 13:17:12 UTC 2005

peter.greis at ubs.com wrote:

>Don't know if anyone has time for this.... I noticed when tinkering with the video stuff that you can not set the player to xine and have it play a "dvdbackup" of a dvd - only the types "vob", "mpg" (and avi?) are supported (in other words, direct files). Is anyone planning on extending things a bit so that plain directories (with a sub directory of VIDEO_TS) are playable ? Then we could use xine with dvd backups.
Not sure this needs coding. You could backup your DVD's to iso files and 
play those in xine (just add .iso as extention in mythvideo, search the 
archives, has been covered 10 times the last 3 months)
If you absolutely want to keep the complete folder DVD structure on your 
harddisk you could place them outside your video folder and create 
mydvdname.dvd symlinks to the folders and make a custom playbackscript 
(also covered in the the archives)

If you realy like the dvd folders in your myth video folder you'll have 
to do some coding.


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