[mythtv] Live TV/Recorded TV functionality differences

Brian Weatherill bweatherill at earthlink.net
Sun Apr 10 21:34:41 UTC 2005

I've noticed that I spend most of my time using the view recordings menu,
however by doing this I lose some functionality, namely PiP, is the code
common enough between LiveTV and Recorded programs to simply allow one
copy of the code, enabling PiP, guide data etc.?  Another feature that
would help, and would need the livetv & recorded tv players to be the
same.. The ability to record a show your watching and have the whole thing
recorded, not just from the current point forward [Seek back through the
ringbuffer X minutes where X is the number of minutes the show has been on
for] then copy to a recording file, switch to it, seek forward X minutes
and resume playing.. It's the only remaining feature of Tivo I miss..

Are these suggestions feasible?  I'm no coder, but I've been doing my bit
to try and evangelize Myth and help people install and configure it on
FC3, I'd also be happy to do a stint with documentation and testing to
offset the development time this would need..

Thanks folks

Brian Weatherill
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