[mythtv] Re: DVB fix?

Jesper Sörensen jesper at datapartner.se
Sat Apr 9 10:14:36 UTC 2005

William Uther wrote:

> After the logging, I then went and checked the spec.  By my reading of 
> the MPEG2 spec (and I might have mis-read this - I am new to it), you 
> must set the TS PUSI header at the start of a PES packet, and only at 
> the start of a PES packet.  However, it seems to be legal to make 
> those PES packets quite large and have them include multiple frames.

I bet that's it. I was under the impression that each frame went into 
its own PES packet but obviously they can be stacked together, 
especially the smaller P/B frames...

> As to breaking 0.18...  Current CVS is broken, and if this or a 
> related fix doesn't go in then 0.18 will be broken for DVB TS in Aus 
> (and from some reports Finland).  I'd agree with you about introducing 
> stuff at this stage if it was a new feature, but it isn't.  It is a 
> bug fix.

Partly true, but it's a fix for DVB TS, which is still considered 
somewhat "beta". The default is still the PS recorder (which has it's 
own issues but for basic stuff should work) but once this issue and the 
"removed pids killing audio" issue are fixed it will probably be made 
default in preparation for killing off PS mode permanently. And since 
the code is also used for ATSC (and apparantly works there) it's a bit 
riskier, but after looking into it yesterday I'd say its a pretty low 
risk patch and the sooner it goes in the better. :-)

> Also, this fix has been around for two weeks (although the non-broken 
> patch is only 1 1/2 weeks old).  If ATSC people have actual problems 
> with it, maybe they should post those problems so that I can fix the 
> patch.  So far all I'm getting is people expressing vague doubts 
> (Isaac says it is broken, but provides no evidence or explanation; you 
> say its too intrusive).  How am I ever supposed to fix this problem?

I hear ya... Getting a patch in can take some lobbying (two weeks is not 
exceptional by any means... :-P Stay with it though; 0.18 isn't out yet 
and I think you still have a pretty good chance of getting it in 
(judging from Isaac & Taylor's comments on IRC).

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