[mythtv] Mutex destroy failure problem (was: Slave backend hang after ANN command)

John Patrick Poet john at BlueSkyTours.com
Thu Apr 7 21:46:13 UTC 2005

On Thu, 7 Apr 2005, Jason Gillis wrote:

> John Patrick Poet wrote:
> > I should add, that I have not had the frontend hang with the latest
> > CVS.  My backend death problem is probably not related, but for some
> > reason I though it was.
> >
> I did some research to dig into this today.  I'm not able to discover
> anything conclusive, but I have found that I can produce this failure in
> PlaybackSock::SendReceiveStringList().  ((This is easy to do, as I inserted
> a "sleep(10);" between the WriteStringList() and ReadStringList() calls in
> MainServer::reconnectTimeout() on the slave backend.  When the slave gets to
> that point, I simply kill the process, which causes the master backend to
> fall over.))
> Tracing through things on the master end, it looks like when the call to
> ReadStringList() in SendReceiveStringList() fails due to the socket closure,
> something happens to sockLock.  Anytime after the socket is closed, calls
> referencing sockLock cause a seg. fault.  (Unfortunately, I don't know
> enough about Qt to figure out why the socket going away causes such problems
> with a (seemingly) unrelated QMutex object.)
> I figured that I'd throw this info out there, as it might help narrow things
> down in the hunt for this problem.
> Jason

Thanks Jason.  I have so much "other" stuff going on right now, that it
could be days before I can investigate this myself.


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