[mythtv] [patch] MythGame improvements

Barney Barumba b004908 at bsxl.com
Wed Apr 6 11:43:55 UTC 2005

Kristian Kalweit wrote:

> Barney Barumba schrieb:
>> Did anyone have a chance to look at this patch?
>> With discussion of an 0.18 arriving soon I'd really like to get this 
>> in if possible.
> I tested the patch last evening, but there were no leafs in the tree 
> for the games. Only game categories.
> I will check today why this is happening.
> Kristian.
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Strange! What do you have set up for your levels? I currently have 
"system genre gamename" for all games and just "gamename" for 
favourites, although I tried quite a few other combinations as well.

The code should just look at the depth of the tree (i.e. the number of 
levels specified) and include the last level as leaf nodes.

Thanks for looking at this - I can't reproduce what you are seeing on my 
system, but if you can track it down it shouldn't be too hard to fix 



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