[mythtv] frontend freeze on rewind

Zach uid000 at gmail.com
Wed Apr 6 11:14:25 UTC 2005

Hi, I posted this problem on the myth-users list hoping somebody might
recognize what's going on, but no joy there, so I'll see if the
myth-dev list might yield a different result.  If there's a resolution
that I'm not aware of please just give me a nudge in the right
direction.  Alternatively, if this is a well-known problem, I 'd like
to know that, too.

I have a problem where if i rewind too fast ( > ~20x) the frontend
freezes.  I can go to a shell and kill & restart the frontend, so it
doesn't kill the whole system.  I'm running FE/BE on one box.

Googling & searching of mail archives turned up a little information
about this but it's all old.  What little I found revealed this
occuring as far back as 2003.
This post from Oct 2003 summarizes essentiall the same problem:

 Another post indicated this was a known bug that was fixed in 0.16.
If anyone has any advice I would appreciated it.  I'll be glad to post
logs and/or config files upon request.

System Details:
Athlon XP (~1.9ghz)
7NIF2 mobo w/ onboard nvidia graphics, 16mb shared ram
512MB ram
pvr 250
Myth 0.17 FE & BE
Distro: Knoppmyth R5A12


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