[mythtv] Re: [PATCH] delete recording schedules

Bruce Markey bjm at lvcm.com
Sat Apr 2 20:30:45 UTC 2005

Jeremiah Morris wrote:
> On 2 Apr 2005, at 1:45 PM, Bruce Markey wrote:
>> If a Single is set then the listings change so the it no longer matches,
>> the rule would be left in the record table forever. Mfdb must clean
>> up day-old Singles and Overrides no matter what.
> That's exactly the case where I think the current code is illogical. If 

Well, let's be real; this has nothing to do with you're earlier
postings and is something you just realized after reading this.

> you set a movie to record over your vacation and the listings change, 
> then it won't get recorded and the evidence of your previous schedule 
> will disappear too, leaving you with no indication of what happened.

Hint: before you go on vacation, set your movies to FindOne even
if there is only one showing. If it doesn't record, the rule will
still be there and it will record the next time it is shown and
you wouldn't have to go and manually remove an outdated Single as
would be the case with your suggestion here.

> I don't think unsuccessful rules should delete automatically, whether 
> they're a day old or a year old, until the user has a chance to review 
> them and decide if they can reschedule the program with a new rule.

This seems to me to be a contradiction of your expectations of
human habits. The only place old Singles appear are in the Set
Priorities page and the human may want to remove them if they
don't want to see them today. Now you are suggesting that people
should be required to go to the Set Priorities page and manually
remove things that did not record. In fact, this would be a
regression. Truth is that back in the early days before these were
cleaned up, people did not looks for them themselves and there were
complaints of all these outdated things building up over time
which at the time would slow down the scheduler.

--  bjm

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