[mythtv] Recording with Quota support?

James troy at clendenan.ca
Sat Apr 2 05:21:41 UTC 2005


I've got a myth box set up on my home server / capture box.  When I set up
the system I wasn't able to get an additional harddrive as I was already
getting 3 for the software raid array.  As a result to prevent the myth
system from crashing the box, I set up a quota for the use that mythtv
runs as, (backend).


Just recently it did run out of space, however the program didn't seem to
notice that it was not allowed to write any more to the disk.  The kernel
didn't seem to like the fact that the Ivtv driver was writing to memory
pages that the process didn't actually own.

Has anyone else used a similar setup? And as a follow up question, would
anyone know how we could add this to Myth to allow for a quota'd system?

Thanks in advance,


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