[mythtv] Re: compiling mythtv frontend for cygwin

Ian Caulfield imc25 at cam.ac.uk
Thu Sep 30 04:19:57 EDT 2004

Are you using qt/win32 or qt/x11? I think the WId <-> HWND conversion is 
only valid for qt/win32... I'll run a quick diff on my code to see if I've 
changed much to make it compile - doesn't look like it.


On Thu, 30 Sep 2004, Mario L wrote:

> When you did the original work with Myth/cygwin, did you run into any
> troubles assigning the WId of the qt widget to the handle that directX
> uses?  I can't seem to get past this issue - and it seems to be the
> big problem right now with directX:
> videoout_dx.cpp:162: error: invalid conversion from `WId' to `HWND__*'
> If i try to explicity cast (wnd = (HWND)wind), I am getting what I
> deduced to be parameter errors - which make me beleive that this
> explicit cast isn't the correct way to do it?
> code snipet:
>    //dxresult = IDirectDraw2_SetCooperativeLevel(ddobject, wnd, DDSCL_NORMAL);
>    dxresult = ddobject->SetCooperativeLevel(wnd, DDSCL_NORMAL);
>    cout<<"dx result was:  "<<dxresult<<endl;
> output:
> 2004-09-30 01:19:56 DirectXInitDDraw
> dx result was:  -2147024809
> DDERR_INVALIDPARAMS is -2147024809
> 2004-09-30 01:19:56 cannot set direct draw cooperative level

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