[mythtv] Backend not releasesing deleted files.

Michael Proctor-Smith mproctor at surfcity.net
Wed Sep 29 20:04:02 EDT 2004

I finally found the time to get my mythtv system to gether and found that
about a week in that several shows had not been recorded beacuse of a full
disk. Sense I had just removed a bunch of shows this seemed wierd so I took
a look at status on mythweb which was reporting 106GB of 103GB with -3???MB
free. Logged into the backend box and a df reported 100% full disk. Rebooted
the system and several ext3 errors were fixed. 

Anyway that was Sunday so I checked again today. And tried a lsof there were
again many files which mythbackend had open and were reported as deleted.

I am running mythtv-backend-0.16-79.rhfc2.at on fedora core 2.

Sorry if it is already fixed in cvs, but I did a search of the archive and
did not find anything like this. Also if this should have go to user.

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